Love In A Hopeless Place?

When my dad was first admitted, she was the welcoming committee. She is the first friend I made there and she is a honey. She is interested in every new face that enters the building and she is the first person I go to if I need info on a situation. She is 60 years old,  has MS and uses an electric scooter. She is incredibly intuitive and sensitive. She is very soft spoken and loving. She has a very witty sense of humor and we became very close almost immediately. My dad and I have always been able to just give each other a look and know exactly what the other is thinking. She is the only other person that has been able to do that with us. When a spot opened up at the table she shared with Leroy, I encouraged my dad to snatch it up. I am so glad he did! Meal times are most often where things happen and where those things are discussed at great length. As something is going down, we are just giving looks and making faces. We know exactly whats going on but it leaves the fourth person at the table totally confused and annoyed asking, “What? What’s going on? What do you guys know?”

A month or so ago, my dad found out he was getting a roommate. I was nervous because he is a bit of a wild man and every roommate he’s had has not gone great. After meeting him, I couldn’t have been happier. he is in his mid 50’s and he is at the nursing home for rehab. He has a degenerative back problem and was in the hospital. He will only be at the nursing home for a short time but they love having him around. Naturally, to welcome him, my dad suggested he eat at their table. She loves handsome men. and she perked up as soon as she laid eyes on him. Not only is he handsome, he is super nice, helpful and funny. There was an instant connection between them.

My dad seemed very proud of himself and his matchmaking abilities. It has been absolutely wonderful to see the relationship  bloom before our eyes. She writes him beautiful love notes and he is so helpful in assisting her with anything and everything. They giggle and look longingly into each other’s eyes. My dad talks to each of them to get the scoop on the other. She feels more comfortable confiding in me and my dad gets more out of him. So my dad and I then sit back and compare notes. I keep telling her to trust her intuition.  She had a very abusive marriage and she is not used to a man treating her with such love and compassion. So she lets her insecurity run wild at times but my dad and I give her a look and she calms down.

It is a very open environment at the nursing home and there isn’t much privacy. The doors to the rooms are mostly left open and I don’t think any of them lock. So my dad being a good friend, told them if they wanted privacy, He would sit outside the door and keep watch. The whole idea of all of this really makes me smile. I love that my dad has genuine friends that he is willing to protect and scheme for. I love that she is happy and experiencing this kindness for the first time in her life. I am happy that he is so kind and finally found people open to receiving his friendship and love. I am most excited for the buzz around the nursing home. Everyone looks to them as inspiration. That love can be found in a hopeless place, just like Rihanna says. It’s never too late and love and friendship will come if we are open to it.


UPDATE: After he was released, she couldn’t get a hold of him for weeks. During that time, she was very upset. She was worried and convinced something bad had happened to him. She knew he was in recovery and that his past was full of troubles, but she thought love would pull him through. When he finally called he was living in a motel and was drunk. He called her off and on for awhile but ultimately stopped. She struggled with what to do, but she has been through this before and knew that this time she had to step away.



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