“If you are going to join something, you might as well run it!”

My dad has always said this. So when there was word that the nursing home would be holding elections for the resident’s council, I reminded him of his famous quote. At first he was resistant, he has only lived there for a year, other people running for president have been there longer. Did he really want to get involved? Was he tired of politics? He was the president of the union at the company where he worked for 30+ years. He was on the village board and he was always organizing and running groups that care for people. He is a natural leader, incredibly charming, smooth talking, and genuinely wants to make life better for others. He is all around the best person I know.

After some careful consideration, he put his name in for president. I was so proud of him. Not long after, word spread around the nursing home that he was running for president. One by one the people running against him, stopped by his room to tell him they were withdrawing their name from the running. They wholeheartedly supported him and many said “you are the best man for the job”  When It came to election day, there were just three names left in the running and when it came time to vote, my dad gave a beautifully eloquent speech. They cast their vote by a show of hands and he was elected unanimously!

He is so motivated and committed to making a difference. I can’t wait to see what is next for him.


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